Harley hydra glide

harley hydra glide

Harley hydra glide

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Harley hydra glide браузере тор на русском ubuntu hidra


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I still get angry even decades later having our young children suddenly awoken from a sound sleep by some loser with loud illegal exhaust on a bike, ALWAYS a Harley rider. And pretty much any murdercycle is a miserable experience, but your opinion may differ. Do you need a hug? No hug, but I do need the cops to once again enforce the noise laws. I know of the popular lore of the name origin, my reference is my humble yet correct as usual opinion.

Do you ride? It would be an interesting comparison to see if more parts are available for that nice CBX we saw last week or this bike. I do ride, since , currently riding a Sportster Roadster bought new with almost 80K miles on it and the stock mufflers and pipes. I have, it was a Yamaha not a Harley and fun to putt around town on. As I said, your opinions may vary. Honda had yet to produce a motorcycle in ….

From what deep vault of knowledge did you come up with that fact? Oh yes, the bottomless pit that is your brain. This is an absolute gem for any old Harley guy or gal and I would kill to have a panhead like this in my garage.

But with that said, you have said an earful! Every ride has its own personality. These will always be in demand. In the early 90s, I had a shovelhead glide later model similar to this that was my daily ride in Philly. Mine was stripped to bare minimum, but that was a personal preference. The motors are pretty bulletproof. If the trans goes bad on your bike, you just shrug, take it apart and rebuild it on the kitchen table. Literally every part is available.

I wish I could have my 86 sportster back. I bought one new. Probably 75k on it when I sold it for the shovelhead. I put drag bars on, deleted the speedo and turn signals and ripped as far as the 2. You could pick up and ride a Honda of that vintage heck I had a cb when I was Bikes in general are durable.

The Harleys just hold value better. My cousin had a Yamaha shaft drive in 5e late 80s. Let me try and make my point more clearly. A motorcycle is basically drivetrain and brakes, and simple ones at that. Thus motorcycles are relatively simpler than cars to restore or keep going.

How about this one: literally every c4 corvette power seat track breaks eventually because of the plastic parts. Relatively, a seat from a motorcycle is a pad and a piece of leather bolted to a frame. Its one of the reasons I liked playing with bikes when I was young. The components were simple and cheap. No need to bash this one, you wanted a road bike, and not some boulevard cruiser, this is what you bought.

Couple things, I highly doubt the miles claim. Something not right here, any H-D expert know for sure? Much cheaper and much better ride. It is what it is — a heavy bicycle with a massive V-twin. As for this one only having done miles between and when it was last ridden in , that works out to be approx.

I believe Harley has the sound patented. Sorry Howard, but loud pipes may save lives, but how many? Has that ever been studied? Is it not all drivers responsibility to look out for themselves and people around them? You took that on all by yourself. If you are so concerned about your safety, drive a Mac Truck. Bikers get all whiny about how they are involved in all these life changing accidents.

I actually believe it to some extent. You get a Harley with loud pipes and everyone looks at it. They hear it; then they see it; then MOST of them will avoid it. My brother rides a Harley; so do about 15 cousins. Luke Arnott, the Brough Superior was a great bike. I understand that Lawrence of Arabia owned five of them. I realize this is an old thread, and I am late to the party, but SMDA seems to gave a really bad attitude regarding Harley riders. Like Howard A. I am also a gear head, both cars and motorcycles.

I love Harleys in particular, but I appreciate all 2 wheeled vehicles…and 4 wheeled too. I went from 40 mph to 0 in an instant. I have no idea how that happened lol. My bike was totaled, just received the check from the insurance company 4 days ago.

So you saying that the noise is a distraction to the rider is false. I walked away because I am an educated rider. If you are going to collide with something or someone while riding a motorcycle, lay the bike down. That is rule 1. Luckily, I remembered that when this incident occurred. I was aware of my surroundings, and I acted appropriately for the situation. That is why I am still here, able to post this. Please be a little more open minded to others.

I had a neighbor complain to me about my bike, but she did it in a very nice way. I, after my conversation with her, used to push my bike down the alley so to not disturb her. She was nice. You are just crotchety lol. Try kindness. It will serve you, and everyone else, a lot better.

Because I sold them to people like you who were prepared to spend their money on junk! Hi Howard. I think it was the amount of vibration on the older bikes and vibration and oil leaks that nearly killed me on the Low Rider. I was caning the bike on a breakfast run with the Fireblades etc.

When I did manage to stop the bike using the front brake I discovered that the engine had opened up and released oil onto the rear tyre! My Harley friend explained to me that the previous owner had not tightened the screws with an impact driver so expect it to leak oil! That was enough and it was sold 3 days later. What a bunch of panty waste comments… This forum is for people who appreciate older machines, not a soap box for whiners!

Get a life! The sad part is that a change has taken place in the motorcycle world. Radios, electric starters, cup holders A. This Pan-head is an amazing example of an antique machine. They have soul. In answer to your diatribe about panty wasters, it takes one to know one. I have raced a couple of Nortons and practiced on a Matchless G45 so I do know a thing or two about bikes.

At least to a early sixties period mods. Still has the tank shift though, and rocker clutch. My first Harley was a 52 Hydraglide, in and I quickly learned that you better learn how to wrench on them, which I gleefully did, because the reward of cruising on the old girl was worth every moment, I was 19 when I bought her for four hundred bucks running, and I still own six Harleys, but no panheads, unfortunately.

Old Harleys have an intrinsic value that defies monetary value. However, since the oil had to be sent all the way up to the heads to do the work, there were quite a few failures, and then the engine would be dead quiet as a result—since it would stop working. After four years the system was redesigned, with the hydraulics being moved to the bottom of the valve train, using hydraulic tappets and rollers between the cam lobes and the pushrods…much more efficient.

Mounting points on the downtubes allowed for the easy bolting on of a one-piece crashbar—useful in parking lot tip-overs, not so good when moving along at 60 mph. Rubber-mounted handlebars were the order of the day. The standard 5. This FL has an optional chrome hub-cap balancing out the big brake drum on the right side of the wheel.

Curving fenders, curving exhaust system, curving gas tank, curving valve covers—there was hardly a straight line to be found apart from the frame. If a sidecar were attached, there was an optional three-speed with reverse. The filter became standard equipment in The windscreen is a new item, from National Cycle, and looks much like the old Harley option. Since these were kickstart days, having a more powerful engine could mean more of a challenge when starting.

Top speed, stripped and with the muffler removed, was mph, as recorded by Don Brown at Cycle magazine. Not bad. And then in the Hydra-Glide got suspension on the rear end and became the Duo Glide. The bikes were special, customized Harley-Davidson Hydra Glides, and so special hardly any survived the film being stolen off […].

The springer had a much better ride than a girder, which was often referred to as a pogo front end. The rigid frame was used until when the Duo Glide was introduced. A hardtail is when the swingarm from a and up frame is removed and a section of frame was either bolted or welded on to mimic the rigid. This was purely an aesthetic modification. The Harley front ends pre were Springer front ends not Girder as you called them. Two different styles of front ends. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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